kolrabi's another Image Library

General Features

kaIL is a library for loading, saving and manipulating images. It is meant as a drop in replacement for DevIL or ResIL. Like DevIL or ResIL it offers a wide variety of supported image file formats and simplifies using images with third party APIs like Direct3D or OpenGL.

Some of the major differences that kaIL offers are:

kaIL is releasd under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License.


You can find an API reference here

Supported File Formats

General Image Format Load Save
Adobe PhotoShop .psd
Alias | Wavefront PIX * .pix
Amiga IFF ("FORM ILBM") .iff .ilbm .lbm
C-Style Header .h
Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine "DICOM" .dcm .dicom
Digital Picture Exchange * .dpx
DirectDraw Surface .dds
Dr. Halo Cut image .cut
Flexible Image Transport System .fit .fits
Graphics Interchange Format .gif
Kodak PhotoCD .pcd
JPEG file (JFIF) .jpg jpeg .jpe .jfif .jif
Jpeg 2000 .jp2 .jpx .j2k .j2c
Macintosh Icon .icns
Microsoft Windows / OS2 Bitmap .bmp
Microsoft Windows Icons and Cursors .ico .cur
Multiple-image Network Graphics .mng .jng
OpenEXR HDR .exr
PaintShop Pro .psp
Pixar * .pxr
Portable Any Map .pbm .pgm .ppm .pnm
Portable Network Graphics .png
Radiance High Dynamic Range .hdr
Raw Image Data
Softimage Pic * .pic
Silicon Graphics .sgi .bw .rgb .rgba
Sun Raster .sun .ras .rs .im1 .im8 .im24 .im32
Tagged Image File Format .tiff .tif
TrueVision Targa File .tga .vda .icb .vst
Wireless Bitmap (WAP) .wbmp
X Pixel Map .xpm
ZSoft PCX .pcx
ZSoft Multi-PCX .dcx;
Game Image/Texture Formats Load Save
Blizzard Texture Format .blp
Call of Duty Infinity Ward Image * .iwi
DooM wall/floor textures *
Gamecube Texture .tpl
Half-Life Model Texture * .mdl
Heavy Metal: FAKK2 Texture * .ftx
Homeworld 2 - Relic Texture * .rot
Medieval II: Total War Texture * .texture
Unreal (and Unreal Tournament) Texture * .utx
Valve Texture Format * .vtf
Palette Formats for Colour Mapped Images Load Save
ACT Palette * .act
COL Palette * .col
Dr. Halo Palette .pal
PaintShop Pro Palette * .pal
PLT Palette * .plt

* Image format untested due to lack of example images.